Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ice Base Zero: GIB Medium

Generic Industrial Building (GIB) size Medium. That what I'm calling it for now until it's finished or something else comes to me. Whatever the final out come I want to get close to the following four requirements for a terrain piece of this type.

1.Blocks line of sight
2.Plenty of room for units
3.Blends in with modern/sci-fi terrain types
4.Easy to assemble

I started with a basic rectangular shape and set them up in a couple of games of 40k. This worked well with table coverage and rest of my goals for the building. But I can't just leave things alone and call them finished. Tinkering and tweaking the basic shape into a different form is a habit for me.

Instead of a concrete wall with a rooftop. I added a safety rail that goes along the top of the building for an added industrial look. This doesn't effect the amount of room on the roof top for troops and artillery. The detail element on the top leaves plenty of room for custom painting on the exterior walls with posters, graffiti, decals and/or paint mask work. This version also did well on the tabletop. It seemed quite handy in a recent Infinity tournament covering the four requirements I'm looking for.

So I think I'm at a good point to finish this building for Ice Base Zero. Just some additional tinkering with the entry ways and it will hope in the production line. It will get some additional play testing until then.


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