Saturday, March 14, 2015

Project Dread Mob: February

I had a busy opening to the year with preparation for the Las Vegas Open and the development of our upcoming Pipe Works Terrain System. Luckily my birthday was in February and birthday cash allowed me to finish off the model requirements for the Dread Mob Formation. So I did more shopping than painting but progress none the less.

I was able to assemble and prime my Gorkanaut but did not get much farther on the paint. What time I did find was spent running some LED lights to the head and main gun. The Gorkanaut is nice and open inside with plenty of room for battery storage and wiring. The materials I used from my bits stash were LED lights, wire, heat shrink and a battery holder. Thankfully today we have access to LED sources like Powered Played Gaming for light kits that fit our hobby. So next time I'm ordering my LED's.

I think the lights are going to work out great. I need to finish an acrylic blast effect for the end of the Deffstorm mega-shoota. Once the tech upgrades are in I think it's definitely time to add some paint!