Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quanity vs. Ready to Play

One of our most popular markers is the 1" diameter wreckage set. Burning amber flames with a plume of black smoke that can fit on practically any scale vehicle a player may be using. With this popularity I've created additional markers for the line. The markers on 1" diameter bases or "mini-markers" as I call them come in a package of five (5) assembled markers. The looming question I have is whether to package more markers (1-2) per kit by eliminating the cost of assembly? Take a look at the survey on the right and let me know what you would prefer! Thanks

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ork Big Mek on Bike: First time with Tentacle Maker Tool!

This month I'm adding some new additions to the Hero Holder line. New products are always a great opportunity to work on models that I haven't had time for. The neglected model for this project was an Ork Big Mek. The new Ork Codex lets me add a custom force field and also puts the Big Mek on a bike! With Bubblechukka parts from the Mek Gunz kit, I built the custom force field generator on the back of the bike. It looked cool but I wasn't completely sold on it. But time caught up to me and I needed to leave for the Bay Area Open (BAO) so I set the model aside until I returned.
Luckily, I ran into Rich from Green Stuff Industries at the BAO, the creator of the Tentacle Maker Tools. The tool allows you to roll modelling putty into different sizes of tentacles or cables. I've seen this product before on the internet but seeing it in person is even more impressive. With my new tool in hand, I had the key to unlock my creative block for the Big Mek.
The tool is easy to use, you just have to experiment with the amount of putty you need to make the size you want. You form your putty, (preferably green stuff) into a worm like shape an press and roll the putty between the tool. Once I was satisfied with the size of my cables, I ran them throughout the force field generator and even connected one to the back of the Big Mek's head. The power cables running about the force field generator was just what the Big Mek needed.
This was a great addition to my Big Mek and tool kit! The level of customization I was able to create with the tentacle tool, makes the Big Mek a great piece to show off my new Biker Hero Holder!
Go to for tutorials, blog and webstore for the Tentacle Maker Tool.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why Mk2 Billboard??

Earlier this year at the Las Vegas Open, I noticed a great piece of terrain being used on the tables, a simple billboard that was eye catching while not taking up a lot of space on the tabletop.
These billboards (now the Mk1's) accomplished exactly what they're meant to do, block line of sight and show off some great Goatboy 40k fan art, all without covering up a large amount of visual real-estate on the F.A.T. mats.
After my return to Phoenix, the billboards kept popping into my head. Every shop with a laser cutter seems to make some sort of towering billboard especially in the model railroad and sci-fi realms, the vision in my head had come to reality but by someone else. So what to do... be a total dweeb and make a knock off or deal with another missed opportunity like that breakfast taco idea I had. I decided to put on my big boy pants and talk to Frontline Gaming about making their billboard idea into an available kit for every gamer. This was a good solution for both of us. But sometimes a threesome makes things more interesting. Goatboy was brought into the scenario and off we went.
Seven-ish months later after prototypes, making the art available, projects already in motion, and life in general, the Mk2 is alive! The Mk2 billboard accomplishes several features we wanted keep from the original Mk1, blocks line of sight, does not take up a lot of space, and features the art. However we have added some upgrades. The first is easy assembly with minimal parts, the other was to make the billboard more interactive. We added a catwalk to the top for a five man squad, adding another function to the billboard. We hope this, along with it's great price, will help you enjoy the Mk2 billboard kit.
The FABULOUS artwork for the billboards can be downloaded for FREE at!
Thanks to Frontline Gaming and Goatboy for working on this kit with me. Look to the future for vertical billboard!?!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Welcome to the new Mechanical Warhorse BLOG focusing on the hobby and the fun interactive side of gaming. Stay tuned for more in depth coverage of our products and interaction with the gaming community, featuring guest posts, modeling, painting, events and battle reports.
This week we're off to the Bay Area Open in California! When I return we'll talk about the event and our new Billboard release that comes with downloadable images.