Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ice Base Zero: Concrete Walls

This month I've been working on a new set of concrete walls to go around Ice Base Zero. This is a MDF kit that makes a 6" wide, 3" tall wall section. Each wall section can stand alone or a rampart can be added on top for your models to defend the base.

Recently, we play tested the wall sections and they work great to break up line of sight but also give larger models some cover and the ability to spot targets.

The Pipe Works section ended up working well. It allows you to connect your pipe sections and extend the ramparts in order that larger base models can be deployed.

Now I need to spend some time to finish off the tower section, which is becoming the trickiest part of this new project. It's looks good, but has some access and line of site issues I need to work out. Hopefully, I can work in another playtest round to see how models can move around and over wall sections.