Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ice Base Zero: A base for testing the future

Developing terrain for my Ice mat is a continuing process that may never be completed. Which is good for me but maybe not my storage in the garage. Our last game gave me a chance to try out some new terrain ideas. Allot of these ideas will make it into a production kit, the shelf or maybe even the fire pit.

These five areas that i'm working on this go around:

A: Complete buildings which isn't my normal terrain focus but necessary for this table theme.

B: A larger Pump House building which will be compatible with our Pipe Works kits.

C: Ice terrain to help set the mood.

D: Pipe Works kits because there awesome!

E: Shipping Container kits with some accessories showing the beginning of the base. The complete building "A" represent the growth of the base.

I'll touch on each of these subjects from a hobby point of view in future posts. I'll also try to discuss the kits development and how they worked out during our games.

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