Thursday, November 19, 2015

Salt River Rumble Results

An exciting day of gaming for the first Salt River Rumble on November 7th. A fun event with a couple of speed bumps but a good job of organizing the event from Dr. Todd. Thanks for stepping up and handling the tournament. Myself I pulled the rough job of handing out free stuff and shaking hands and BS with the players. Something I've volunteer to do again next year.

Here's Your Top Five

First Place: Herb Schaffer - Dark Eldar
Second Place: Scott Freeman - Orks
Third Place: Derek Page - Imperial Knights
Fourth Place: Cail Peterson - Daemonkin: Khorne
Fifth Place: Jason McCormack - Space Marines/Imperial Knights

Herb's Dark Eldar

Scott's Stompa doing bad things in my chemical pool.

Best Painted Army: Darin Shwartzman Astra Militarium

Thanks to everyone who participated and yes we're dumb enough to do this again next year!

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