Monday, June 29, 2015

Ice Base Zero: Testing the playing field

Recently, I had a chance to set up the terrain pieces I had selected for Ice Base Zero. A couple of the pieces were not completed, so I added some proxies in order to get a feel for the final project. While it looked pretty good and there was plenty of cover for infantry, it was too wide open for vehicles and monsters... and it was just a little too stark. I know its an Ice Base, but it still just seemed a little flat. So, I added some additional terrain to create more maneuvering and cover for larger models.

Then, inspiration hit me. I will turn the base into a secret lab on some frozen ice planet. The new plan means more cover, bigger buildings with some type of compound and maybe a giant cannon. Don't worry, I'm keeping the burrowing beasts, he will still be creeping around the table.

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